Sunday, April 6, 2008


It is funny how God can speak to you twice in one day.

I was talking to our pastor about hand writing some math practice sheets for my daughter for an upcoming Unit Test in Math-U-See. (One of my few complaints about MUS is that it doesn't seem to have a whole lot of built-in review or practice.) I was investigating Open Office's "Math" program. It describes itself as a way to write math problems/formulas. I wanted to see if I could use it instead of hand writing them. He said a friend of his uses some of Abeka's DVD programs for high school level, and he's watched them. One of the things he noticed is that the teachers (especially in math) spend the first 5 minutes just doing a quick review. Sometimes it's a timed drill, sometimes just a few problems, or some quick little game. He said that might help dd retain what she's learning rather than me hand writing math practice sheets.

Then, I was researching All About Spelling as a possible alternative to Spelling Power if Spelling Power doesn't work out for us. I was poking around the All About Spelling website and there was an article about daily review. The article is specific to reviewing spelling, but the same tips could apply to any subject.

So, I think God is speaking to me - more like hitting me over the head with a 2 x 4. Now, I just need to come up with a system to do it. I think that's the hardest part if it is not built into the curriculum. Abeka is really good about putting it directly into the teacher's manual for each subject. But if it isn't there automatically, I need to figure out how to do it myself, and to remember to do it myself.

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