Thursday, July 15, 2010

Standardized Testing

Well, we spent the last 3 days doing IBTS testing with Rabbit. Not required to do it this year, but I wanted to see how she would do with it versus doing the CAT the year before. It pretty much wiped her out. I'm debating on whether or not to do the IBTS again, or stick with the CAT. The IBTS took quite a bit of time as compared to the CAT. I know where my kids are with regards to their skills - do I really need that detailed a test? I was thinking, actually, maybe just doing the IBTS in 7th, and then maybe again in 11th as it gives the more detailed pictures. Then just use the CAT for other years.

I will say I will never do the tests in the middle of summer after a 2.5 week break from school. I had been having Rabbit doing math fact drills on Quarter Mile Math until we started all our vacations. We finally wrapped all that up, and did her testing. I think that break may have hampered her a little. Consistent learning of those math facts will pay off in the long run. (We also hadn't done any math or me reading aloud to the kids.)

Oh well. We'll see what her scores are when they come in.

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