Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Up to Week 23 in MFW 1st

Well, we're in the middle of Week 23 in MFW 1st (that's day 110). Tigger is doing really well with his reading and math. The math part surprised me, but he really seems to get the concepts. Pooh is a bit weaker in the reading (but does fine with the math, although he does it slowly). I have added All About Spelling for both of them, and it seems to be helping Pooh some, and he likes it, so I'm going to stick with it. But, if his dyslexia turns out to be more severe, I might have to turn to Barton's Reading.

What the boys enjoy most is science. They've been doing Astronomy in RTR with Rabbit. I've been using Jeannie Fulbright's free Astronomy notebook for the boys. They love drawing the pictures, and then they tell me a little narration and I write it on the pages for them.

We've been doing all the experiments we can from the 1st grade program too. Today's subject was "Making Water Work." The demonstration (or experiment) was to build a water wheel. One of the items called for was a styrofoam egg carton (or two). Well, we don't have any. I was trying to think of what to use, and then I remembered the left-over plastic Easter eggs from last year. So, we took the "larger" half of those eggs, and used a hot glue gun and glued them on like this:
Then I glued the other side on (again, with a hot glue gun). We didn't have any spools, but we do have lots of K'nex, so we used a K'nex rod and two wheels from that in place of the spool and pencil like this:
We taped the wheels to craft sticks rather than the rulers, and then rested the craft sticks on rulers so, it looked like this:
Then we tried it to see if it would really work, and it did! (Make sure you do this near a sink, as water does splash off the wheel.)
So, anyway, definitely try to be creative with building the models and doing the science experiments, even if your days end up long.

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