Thursday, March 29, 2012

Progress and slacking....

Boy, what. slacker I've been about updating the blog this year. We're taking a temporary break this week to work on our geography fair. The kids chose Switzerland as their country. Tigger will talk about the geography of the country and some animals, Pooh will talk about languages, religions, and trains, and Rabbit will handle government and William Tell.

Overall, things are going pretty well in Explorers to 1850. We are in the middle of week 26. The kids seem to actually like doing the state sheets and president sheets. I've been trying to do some of the more fun activities and experiments. We did the make cotton and remove cotton seeds activity, made hasty pudding and scones, and did an experiment where we set a carrot in blue water to see what would happen. I got a color botany lapbook to go with science this year, so we haven't been doing all the notebook assignments, but I'm good with that.

We're going to finish our required number of days of school before we finish the curriculum this year. But, I'm going to have Rabbit go ahead and finish the state report, as our state does require doing some state history. The boys will repeat in 7th grade, so I won't make them do it.

In other good news, Pooh finally finished Level 1 in All-About-Spelling. An awesome accomplishment for him. But, he is really struggling with math facts. All I can say is, "Drill, baby, drill." I know he'll get it eventually, but it is a long, slow process.

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