Wednesday, January 30, 2013

1850MOD Week 17

Well, seeing as how I haven't been a good blogger...

Just a quick update. We're on Week 17. We have a pretty good rhythm for things. And overall things are going pretty well. 

Rabbit struggles with Math, and sometimes it is hard to get those science experiments done, but we're getting there. (What do you do with a batch of worms from Walmart, after you're experiment is done and it is too cold to put them out in the garden?) We are doing the Johnny Tremain Progeny Press guide this semester. This time I'm having her write her answers in the book. She does pretty well with that. We decided to switch to Essentials in Writing for writing. I have liked Writing Strands until we got to Level 5. I really feel that Essentials in Writing will prepare her a little better for writing papers in high school. 

Pooh and Tigger finished their Singapore 2A books a couple of weeks ago and are now on 2B. We're reviewing subtraction facts most days. I'm amazed how they can do the mental math. All About Spelling is going really well for Tigger. Pooh struggles with each step at first, but usually by the time we finish all the sentences for a step, he gets the rule we're learning. The boys seem to enjoy the See the USA and U.S. Facts and Fun books. I've added in doing some practice testing (we have to submit standardized test scores this year) once or twice a week. I've also added in some writing exercises on the days we don't have English.

I think my biggest frustration is that we don't get to do hardly any of the activities from Story of the World with Rabbit. There just isn't enough time in the day.

Well, maybe next week I'll start updating weekly. Then again, maybe not! :)

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