Thursday, September 4, 2014

CTG: Week 4

The boys got tired of the shofar every day and the "Awake you that are sleepy..." reading. But we did it. We didn't fast at the end, but we did read about Yom Kippur in our Jewish Holidays book. The boys already know the books of the Old Testament from AWANA, but we sang our Old Testament song each day for fun.

The boys did fine on their first Vocabulary quiz. So far they have had no trouble remembering the meanings of the roots, and they've remember all the words we learned from the back of the cards. I've been making trees to put up on the wall with the roots and then the words on the branches. I don't know that the boys are really looking at those, but they're up.

Math is going pretty well. The boys like alternating Life of Fred and Singapore. I think it gives a good mix of activities. Life of Fred really makes them think, too.

In History we covered the unification of Egypt. Here are the crowns we made:

Then we just nested them together for the unification:

After we were done, I taped them on the wall above the timeline as a big reminder:

Science is the study of pyramids right now. We couldn't get sticky-tac to work to hold our straws together. We ended up using tape on one, and clay for the other. And of course, the boys had to build one using Legos:

Pooh wasn't satisfied with a four-sided pyramid, so he spent some time finding pieces that would allow him to build a three-sided pyramid:

The boys are taking an art class at the co-op we're going to, so that means moving stuff around on the schedule. We are listening to the music scheduled in the car on the way to co-op. And then we move the God and the History of Art to one of the other days. Foreign Language is moved too.

All in all, not a bad week. We didn't make the reed boat. And we didn't go all out on the feast, but that's okay. I will say they are asking for Science in the Beginning already. They really like that book.

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