Sunday, March 14, 2010

Week 25 in CTG

It actually took us a week and a half to do this week. Rabbit got sick, and we had a field trip thrown in there too. Unfortunately, now our light and independent Fridays fall on Friday. I need them to be on Wednesday. But, I don't want to skip any days. Maybe I'll have to do some art catch-up days or something.

Bible covered from Solomon turning from God to Elijah and the Prophets of Baal. We learn how God keeps His promises - both blessings and curses. We see God faithfully providing. We also find that even in the midst of evil (Ahab and Jezebel), there are believers (Obadiah).

We did do some of the science experiments. We didn't build a stethoscope. But, we did use the ball of clay and toothpick to "see" our pulse. We didn't build the model of the brain, either. Instead, I went online and found a cut-away drawing of the brain that was labels and we compared it to what it said in the book. We did try the "Match the Mark" and "One or Two" experiments - those were easy and worth doing. I think the favorite experiment of this week was the "Drum Solo" experiment. We used Italian Seasoning. I think you can use even less of the recommended amount of herbs. I have a small boom box, and we used that. We had to plug our ears, though, to turn it up loud enough to get the spices to jump around on the plastic wrap. But, a cool experiment to try for sure.

We finished the first half of The Children's Homer this week. It was an interesting way to learn about the Trojans and Greeks.

For art, we were suppose to start learning how to paint, but Rabbit's sickness and other scheduled things cut that to a halt. I was planning on trying to do them this weekend, but alas, that didn't work either. I think we'll do last Monday's painting lesson tomorrow, so we at least get started on it, thought tomorrow will be busy too.

Everything else is going well. For the writing assignment, it has been a lot of me writing and just discussing with Rabbit. We done a little double dictation. I think part of the reason this particular assignment is hard for her is because she is not an organized person herself.

Now, how is this for a great "God" thing... Tomorrow night at our Keeper's of the Home meeting, a couple of families in our group that are Messianic Jews are going to do a pared down version of a Seder dinner. We're suppose to celebrate Passover as part of our curriculum. I'm not sure that we'll be able to do a full Passover week. But, I think it will be neat just to learn the symbolism. Rabbit hasn't always got the symbolism of the other feasts. So, this meeting tomorrow will give me a feel for how much of Passover we want to try to do this spring.

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