Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Seeing the Accomplishments

Sometimes we forget to really look at all we and our kids are accomplishing in our homeschool days. Take yesterday, for example. Rabbit really struggled through her hour of math. She was really frustrated by the end of it. She said, "Mom, I feel like my brain has melted." But, last night, I was thinking about how much math she did in that hour, and it was amazing! She had two problems to finish from lesson 86. Then she did the practice test for lesson 87, which was 12 problems. We worked through the two example problems in lesson 87, did the 8 practice problems, and 10 of the problem set problems. That was 34 math problems! My dyslexic Rabbit did 34 math problems in an hour, plus learning the new concept in lesson 87.

I could look at it as we have 2 weeks of school left, and we're only on lesson 87 out of 120. But, even at our current pace of 2 to 2.5 days to complete a lesson, we'll have finished 75% of the book in a school year. Not bad! And we'll continue through the summer. 

I look at Rabbit and see a young lady who is a hard worker, tries hard, has a good attitude (most of the time), and is growing spiritually. What more could I ask for? Those are the important things, not whether we finish a math book in a school year.

So, in spite of days where things look bleak, really try to see what you have accomplished for the year, not what you haven't finished. 

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