Wednesday, June 25, 2014

AHL: Week 1

Rabbit successfully completed Week 1 of AHL! 

She did a pretty decent job on her essay. Her thesis was "Ballet should be considered a sport." I gave her an A-. I had a friend help me evaluate her essay, and that was very helpful. For her next essay, she needs to work on making the attention getter stronger - perhaps quoting someone. It will be good to focus on one area at a time.

She has found The New Answers Book a tough read. She is getting it done, but it has taken her an hour to read some of the chapters.

The Exploring World History is going okay. Though, sometimes she is not sure she agrees with the answer key on their answers. She says she is not sure if she is not getting what the author is saying, or if she just has a different opinion or answer. 

We've met mostly daily to go over her answers and discuss things this week.


  1. Thank you for sharing! We will be starting AHL in a couple of weeks. I like the idea of having a friend help evaluate the writing.

  2. My daughter is on day 3 of AHL. She too is finding "The New Answers" to be really deep.
    It's nice to read about someone else's experiences here...thanks.
    Curious, where did you find the labels for the timeline?
    Deborah (gratefulmom on the message board):)

    1. Deborah, is a good one for the labels.

      Thanks for reading!