Monday, January 19, 2009

My Whiteboard

Someone over at the MFW boards asked for pictures of people's whiteboards, so here is mine:

Basically, each strip has a topic: "Science" or "Math" or "Writing" or "Music" or "English" etc. To the right you see "Seatwork" and I have a strip for the different types of seatwork Rabbit might have. So, I have "Copy Memory Verse," "Science Page," "Math Drill," "Awana Pages." If there is something extra, I'll just writie it up there under the strips. I also have "Brain Integration Therapy" items on the strips that I mix in through out the day, so I don't forget to do them.

As we complete something, I either slide it to the left, or put a checkmark next to it. I've also put contact paper over each strip, so I could cross out over it, and then use window cleaner to wipe them clean, if I wanted. What I like about this, is it gives us an "order" but no "times." So, if we go long on geography, then we just go to the next strip on the board. Also, if something comes up, I can just slide the magnets around to reorder our day.

My plan is to use different background colors for each of the boys (when they finally start school) and make strips for them, and as we finish something, they can move them down to the bottom of the board. Each person will have their own column, and I will try to arrange the order so if I'm working with one, the other two have something to do. It may not work or I may not need it for them when we get there, but that's my idea.

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