Sunday, January 25, 2009

Week 18, Day 2 in ECC

After 2 days of sickness, it was good to get back to school.

Bible time went smoothly, except for Awana verses. With two days of a cold, we did not go over Rabbit's verses and she struggled. We did the dictation of the memory verse. She printed instead of using cursive. I'm not 100% sure why. (Could it be the writing-eights are kicking in?) She does write faster in cursive.

For geography we made our Africa game boards. I had actually made mine last weekend (plus the game cards) so all I needed to do was laminate mine. Rabbit labeled and colored hers and laminated it. For science, we read about Grassland Plants. Rabbit decided to draw the pictures of wheat, oats, barley and rye.

For Spanish, we went on to the next story, but it is a much harder one. I think I will sit down with her next time and see if we can piece together an understanding of the story before moving on. We had no break, as we were behind at this point, so she worked on her science page and spelling page, while I did preschool with the boys. We did calendar time, and I tried to come up with a way for the boys to remember the days of the week. Not an easy task. Then, I drew A, a, B, and b on 4 x 6 cards and had the boys roll out play dough and put it over the letters. (I've done this with numbers before, and it really seems to help them get a feel for the shape of the letters.) I need to make cards for the whole alphabet.

After that, we had writing eights and English. For the English lesson, I had Rabbit dictate to me and I wrote her story down. She doesn't always get these "creative" stories, so I kind of had to guide her. It doesn't help that we also don't know exactly how a robin goes about building a nest. She read two or three books (or at least skimmed them) during book basket time.

After lunch, we moved on to math. We spent an hour going over skip counting by 4's. I forgot to have her read to me, but she read to her dad at bed time. I also read the next chapter of David Livingstone. When she was sick, she was asking me to read it to her, but I decided we would just follow the schedule on school days.

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