Monday, February 2, 2009

Week 18, Day 4 in ECC

We started our day with the usual. Awana verses, and then ECC's Bible time. More amazing information on missionaries from the past.

For Geography, we colored the Kenya flag. Each of the kids wanted to, so it's a good thing I made extra copies. Rabbit, on her own, wrote some facts on the back. Her spelling left much to be desired, but at least she remembered that part of the work.

In Science, we read about grassland plant eaters, and then did some an experiment in the manual. Again, all three kids wanted to try it out - it was about how water helps keep animals cooler.

We did snack, Spanish and then a short recess. Then Rabbit had some seatwork, in the form of practicing math facts. The boys worked on their Awana verses, calendar time, and days of the week. Pooh was quite excited that we were getting close to filling up the calendar. Also, I came up with way to try to help the boys remember the days of the week. On Sunday, I drew a sun. On Monday, I drew a moon. On Wednesday, I drew wedding bells. (If someone has a better idea on how to remember the "wed" that starts Wednesday, I'd like to hear it.) On Thursday, I drew a glass of water with a straw, because when you get "thirsty" you need a drink. For Friday, I drew a frying pan. On Saturday I drew a chair that we "sat down in because we're tired at the end of the week."

After this, it was time for writing eights. Then we had our weekly writing assignement. She wrote three sentences, but they really should have been two. Rabbit is finally remembering to capitalize at the beginning, and put a period at the end of a sentence. I'm about to owe her a dollar. She did book basket while I worked on lunch.

After lunch, we did spelling, and only missed one word. She spelled "oh" as "ho." Then math was next. I think she finally has skip counting by fours down pretty well. After that reading and music, and the day was done!

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