Sunday, November 1, 2009

Week 10-11 in CTG

I'm just going to do some highlights from these two weeks. (We actually juts finished week 12, so I a little bit behind on my updates.)

Rabbit is doing great with the memorization in Bible. We've had some good discussions, too. Basically, these two weeks cover from Joseph interpreting the Baker and Cup Bearer's dreams to Moses fleeing from Egypt.

Reading about the ups and downs of Egyptian history has been interesting. It is easy to understand why the Egyptians would have wanted to enslave the Hebrews after the Hyksos domination.

I want to encourage anyone who thinks making costumes for acting out the 10 plagues is too much work. We kept it really simple. We used our Pharaoh's crown from earlier in the year for Pharaoh. Then, I used one old pillow case to make a shepherd's head piece, and another one to make Pharaoh's priest's leopard skin cloak thing. I used some of the pictures from Ancient World to make them. Do they look authentic? Not at all, but I think it makes acting out the plagues more fun.

Another activity was to make a clay pot. We used Crayola Model Magic for this. Way cool stuff. We loved how easy it was to work with. We did let our pot dry for about a week before anyone was allowed to touch it. Here is a picture:

We haven't really been doing any science experiments for these two weeks. Some of them we've done before, and I didn't feel like doing them again. Others, I didn't have the supplies and wasn't sure where to get the supplies.

Rabbit continues to make progress in the basics, so not much new on that front. Writing Strands 3 is a big challenge for her, but I think it is good. I'm trying not to set my expectations too high. Yes, I want her to try, but I'm not opposed to helping her as needed, especially to avoid frustration.

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