Sunday, April 11, 2010

Week 27 in CTG

Sorry, I'm a bit behind... We'll get all caught up real quick here...

This week covers Elisha for Bible. Bible is also essentially History for this week. I already wrote my entry about Elisha's servant seeing the town surrounded by the Syrians and how Elisha prayed for God to show his servant the heavenly host surrounding the Syrians. I love how that all tied together with what I was reading in my quiet time.

We stared memorizing a passage from Isaiah 40 this week. I love this passage. I love the assumption in this passage - it assumes a Creator. And it talks about His sovereignty.

We didn't do the Barley Cake activity.

In Science, we didn't do the support project with the fettuccine noodles nor the hyacinth project. But, we did measure how many pennies spaghetti noodles could hold. First, we counted out how many the paper cup would hold. Then we just tried one spaghetti noodle and saw how many pennies before it would break. Then we did two spaghetti noodles, and I guessed it would hold twice as many pennies. It did plus one. So then, using that, we figured how many noodles it would take to hold the hold cup (in our case, 8). Sure enough, eight was enough. We tried 7 noodles. and the broke instantly. We had to use stacks of nickles on each side of the spaghetti noodles to keep them from rolling around on the chair until we got a few more pennies in the cup. Here's a picture - you can see how much the spaghetti noodles bent:

We're continuing on in The Children's Homer. It is kind of nice to find out what has been happening to Odysseus.

Otherwise, school has been going well. Although, keeping motivated through the end of the year is a challenge.

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