Friday, July 29, 2011

Our curriculum break is over!

What have I learned this week... Well, with Math, it is good to have Tigger and Pooh doing Math Drill and Rosetta Stone while Rabbit does Math with me. That gives them more time on those. They probably only take 15 minutes each when it comes to Math time, so that shortens the time on Rosetta Stone and Math Drill for Rabbit. Still not sure that's the best way to do things. The TM implies that you're doing math with all your kids at the same time, going from one to the other, but with my two dyslexic kids, that doesn't work well. I need to watch them do their math and make sure they write their numbers correctly. Hmmm. Not 100% sure there what I should really do.

Rabbit really enjoyed Dance Camp this week. (I'll have to post some videos later of the dances they learned.) We got to go today and see what they learned. It is funny to watch her facial expressions while she is dancing.

Tigger is really reading well. He enjoys doing the pages from The Complete Book of Animals, and will even fill in some of the blanks himself. I think Pooh likes them too, because they are fact based and not "stories" like is reader is. Pooh is slowly but surely making progress. I can't wait to add spelling back in for him.

I think having a little more laid back week was good before we dive into week 2 and start memorizing the Book of James. Now, to prep for next week.

I also learned I need to buckle down on getting school started and getting it done. One thing that will be different, since Rabbit has decided to take dance classes at Dance Scene Studios this fall, I won't have to have our light days be Wednesday. Her classes are all in the evening hours, so that doesn't interrupt our "school" time. I think that will make the year feel very different than previous years. We'll still have P.E. class for the boys (unless they both decide to do Hip Hop at the dance studio) on Wednesday, but that's not quite as big a deal as having P.E. and dance on the same day.

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