Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Working around dance camp, day two

Okay, so today we got Math and Reading done before taking Rabbit off to dance camp class. Whew.

[Side note: While there, I talked to the owner of Dance Scene Studios to find out how their regular ballet and worship dance classes worked. So, now we have to make a decision. Do we do Celebration Ministry of Arts or Dance Scene Studios? Dance Scene Studios would be a full year, August through May, of traditional ballet with a recital at the end of the year. Then Rabbit could be on the Worship Dance team, and they go and visit hospitals and nursing homes monthly and put on a performance. Celebration Ministry of Arts would be 3 months of Worship Dance and Ballet in the Fall and Spring each. She would have two Worship Dance recitals, but no recital for the Ballet class.]

Then, while Rabbit was at dance camp, the boys did a Science page each from the Complete Book of Animals, notes drill, a math football game, and a little bit of Scrabble (that's spelling, right?) before we had to go pick Rabbit back up. Then, after lunch, we listened the music lesson we missed from last week and did piano lessons. To wrap up, we went to the Smokey Hill Library and picked up their prizes for completing the Arapahoe Library District's summer reading program.

Overall, not a bad 4 hours.

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