Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Week 15, Day 1 in ECC

Well, the last week before Christmas break, and my motivation level has dropped down to zero. Maybe it's the fact that my husband has the week off.

Today was a little challenging, as Rabbit had dance rehearsal this afternoon, and then later is her performance. We had to be done a little early.

No Awana this week, so no verses to study. We read about Gypsies in Window on the World. We learned fascinating things about them. And then we worked on our memory verse for the week. We quickly moved onto Geography and then science. For science we read about endangered species.

After that, I decided to work on spelling, as we needed to work on "discovering the rule." So, I walked her through it. I asked questions like, "What sound do all these words have in common?" "What are the different letter combinations that make that sound?" "How many of each combination is there?" "Which one is most common." Mostly my idea was to get Rabbit to really look at the words.

We wrapped up with English and Reading. We didn't get to math or Spanish.

The dance recital was great.

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