Friday, August 16, 2013

ECC 2nd Edition: Week 2, Day 2 & 3

Feeling like we're just keeping our heads above water. It's okay, but I am exhausted and glad it is Friday.

The good...

Well, we did a full week of doing Bible, Geography and Science first. Things still seem to take too long. So, I talked to the kids about it, and we're going to rearrange our days next week. I really need to figure out a good system for us.

Rabbit has kept up with her English and Writing, though she still needs a lot of guidance. I keep telling myself, even college students have professors that lecture them.

We did the art project! Yay for us. Actually, I had folded the paper and outlined a person, so all they had to do was cut and color. I let them use paints or whatever they wanted to color them. Pooh just used orange paint and kind of made outlines. Tigger painted each ones' body and used markers to draw their faces. Rabbit used crayons and wrote what country she was trying to represent on each one. I hung them up on the wall around our John 3:16 poster:

The bad...

We didn't get Apologia Physical Science done yesterday or today. There is an experiment, and it is a 1/2 hour experiment on top of the reading. I'm thinking we will try tomorrow - a Saturday may help us.

We hit irrational numbers in Saxon 8/7 today. Those are hard. I'm going to ask the hubby to try to explain them to Rabbit since he has done more math than I have (I only went to Calculus II and Matrix Algebra, he's done Differential Equations and such). We didn't even do any practice problems or the problem set. I don't think she understood and I didn't want to do any problems until I'm sure she understands. That's going to be a challenge. If my husband can't explain it to her, we'll try pulling out the DIVE CD and watch it.

We missed a day on handwriting this week. Will probably have the boys do a page tomorrow so everything will line up.

The ugly...

Attitude. Attitude. Attitude. Pooh screams, yells, and cries when he can't remember. Most days spelling has at least one screaming fit, and often doing his math drill, too. Rabbit has cried almost every day in math. Sigh. I didn't want to learn patience this way. I want them to know I'll help. I don't want them to get upset. I'm not sure how to make that happen.

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