Friday, October 17, 2008

Science Fair Project Finished

Hooray! Although it made it harder to remember to get all our Brain Integration Therapy stuff done (and we didn't do "Repatterning" this week) it was worth it to get the project done.

On Monday we set things up. On Tuesday and Wednesday we actually did our experiments. On Thursday and today, we worked on our project board. We had fun with it. However, if your child doesn't like counting, don't do a project that requires counting. (We had to count confetti that popped out of a balloon for our project.) We even filmed the actual doing of the experiments and made a quick DVD movie to show at the fair.

We did math everyday, and Rabbit got a 100 on her test today. We did reading every day, and Spanish when I remembered. We also worked on her Awana verses every day.

This was her first science fair project, so I helped quite a bit. I know we also have a geography fair coming up, so I told her she needed to start thinking about what country she wanted to do now and start getting ready. Next year we may start doing the science fair project in the middle of the summer! She does have to do a 5 minute presentation (not to the judges), so we will practice that a little, but now we can get back to our regularly scheduled programming.

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