Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Week 7, Day 3 in ECC

We are, or at least I am, just loving this curriculum. Even with throwing Dance in today, we still got it done!

We did our usual routine today. For Geography, we just played the Geography Game, as all of the topics in the suggested activities for the day would have taken a lot more prep time. But, Rabbit needed the review, so that was good. Then, today would normally be a Nature Walk day, but since we had Worship Dance, I did tomorrow's science today. Rabbit decided to draw pictures of water lilies for her science page. We'll do a nature walk tomorrow.

We actually got through all the letters of the alphabet and the numbers today doing our writing eights! Then, rabbit had to write a sentence about the picture I drew on the white board. She didn't do as well as usual, but she hasn't done any since Thursday of last week, so that's okay. Then she did book basket while I made an early lunch.

After Dance, the boys had their quiet time. I put one of them in their room, and the other in my room. That helped tremendously - no one got noisy or bouncing off the walls that way. We reviewed math facts for the up coming unit test - she is really doing quite well - x0, x1, x2 and x5 are pretty well mastered. I'm trying to decide whether to do the unit test tomorrow or do review for one more day. For spelling, she missed "great," "neighbor," and "change." Then we zipped through reading, poetry and music. We were done by 2:30, again.

I'm saving up the science experiments for this Friday. I think it will be fine to just do them all at once. Speaking of which, we need to come up with a science fair project! I keep forgetting, and it's only about 2 weeks away. Aaaah!

Rabbit's attitude has been awesome the last 3 days. I made a point of telling her at breakfast how proud I am of her attitude and how hard she has been working. She hasn't fussed or complained once. I've not had to take away a single paper clip in 3 days. I am just praising God for this wonderful change in her.

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