Sunday, September 21, 2008

Catch Up Day - Not Ketchup Day!

Well, over the last week there were 3 projects that didn't get done; either I didn't have the supplies, or didn't want to do the project and add stress to my day. So, today we did those 3 projects in about 1 hour.

Our first project was a cooking assignment. We picked a recipe from the recommended reading pages: New England Pumpkin Cake. I managed to find a dairy-free cake mix at the grocery store, and there is no milk for the recipe, so it was the perfect choice. Also, it said to make it in a bundt pan, so I got to use a wedding gift for the the first time in 14 years!

After getting the cake into the oven we did our science experiment from Friday. Yesterday, I ran over to the local Lowes and got one of those thermometers you are suppose to put outdoors and be able to read from inside the house. Well, we set it in the shade and waited 5 minutes and recorded the temperature - about 74 degrees. Then, we set the thermometer out in the sun. It very rapidly went up to 110 degrees! I knew it wasn't 110 degrees outside, so, I sent Rabbit back in for the packaging. Hidden in the fine print: "Do not use in direct sunlight." Well, anyway, it was clear that it was a lot warmer in the sun. And we talked about how cold-blooded animals will move out into the sun and then the shade to get warmer and cooler. We also talked about how it made our experiment inaccurate since our thermometer wasn't accurate in "direct sunlight." If nothing else, we learned to read the fine print!

I also bought one of those sponge paint brushes yesteday at Lowes. Today, we used it to spread the glue for making our quilt block. A few weeks ago I bought a set of quilting quarters at Michael's and some ribbon, too. We used a piece of poster board cut 12" x 12", and then 4" x 4" quilting blocks. The poster board curled up quite a bit with the wet glue. If you can use real cardboard for this craft, I would highly recommend it. We laid one ribbon along the seams, and then uses a wider ribbon for the edges - all glued. Here is our final result:

Tonight we tried the New England Pumpkin Cake for bedtime snack - delicious! A very tasty recipe, and the house smells like Thanksgiving or Christmas dinner. The boys wouldn't try it, but Rabbit did, and she liked it. Tomorrow night we have a Keepers of the Faith meeting, and we're suppose to bring snacks, so we'll bring our cake.

Not bad for 1 to 1 1/2 hours on a Sunday afternoon.

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