Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Week 6, Day 2 in ECC

It was another great day in ECC land.

In Bible, we talked about how John the Baptist and Jesus preached the same thing. That was good. Then, we had dictation of our memory verse today. Rabbit had a good attitude about it and did her best. Geography was quick, so we got to spend about 8 minutes playing the Geography Game. For North America, that is just the right amount of time for the two of us to play. Science was about the hunters and the hunted in the desert. Rabbit drew a fox hunting a kangaroo rat.

For preschool with the boys, we read their Cubbies book. But, I think they lost interest as I finished the story. Then we played "keep the balloons in the air" and got the laundry out of the dryer.

Math, Spelling and English were all fine. English we did orally, but I did warn her that tomorrow she would be writing sentences. Rabbit kind of needs to know ahead of time for things like that. For math, we're still reviewing the x5 right-brained multiplication cards each day. I also drew part of the pictures on my triangle flashcards that I put on our school "door."

There should be a warning in the teacher's manual about the art projects. If you choose to make the pinata, make it during week 1 of Mexico (week 5), not week 2. It takes a lot of time to coat the balloon with paper strips, and a while to dry. Plus, you're suppose to decorate it - which means you have to wait for it to dry. Ours might be ready in time for Thursday.

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