Monday, September 22, 2008

Week 5, Day 2 in ECC

Have I said before how much I like this curriculum?

We started out working on Rabbit's Awana verses. She's a T-n-T now. She's suppose to be able to answer questions and do other stuff in the book, so it was a little more work this morning. But, that's okay. Putting God's word in her heart is important. Then we read our Bible lesson. I forgot to ask Rabbit to narrate, but we did follow the lesson on the map. I did remember to pray for our Window on the World people group today - I usually forget that!

Geography was quick - we looked at some maps in the Intermediate World Atlas. Then on to science - again a quick two pages. We took turns reading the words under the pictures. During seatwork time, Rabbit traced and colored one of the pictures from the pages for her science page. We were ahead of schedule, so we plowed on into Spanish (we're using Power Glide), and snack time. The kids got a 25 minute recess because we were ahead.

After recess, Rabbit went to work on her science page and study her Awana verses some more, so I could have some time with the boys. They wanted me to read their Cubbies lesson for the week, so I did that. I had to read the lesson from each boys' book to each boy. (Ahhh, the joys of twins.) Then we practiced our Cubbie verse. After that, I wrote a 3 and a 4 on 4" x 6" cards and we went to the basement, got out the Play Dough and the boys rolled the Play Dough out and "traced" the 3 and the 4 with the Play Dough. I noticed that Tigger writes very well - except it is perfectly upside down. I read somewhere that this was an activity that may help undo that.

Then it was back to working with Rabbit. We reviewed all the subtraction facts with the flashcards for 15 minutes. Then we did our writing eights and our Primary Language Lesson for the day. We just repeated lesson 86. Then I had Rabbit go back and work on her science page, as that wasn't done yet. She finished it and did Book Basket time while I made lunch. I think she is enjoying the Mexico books a little more than the books last week. I have lots of picture books and story books for that.

After lunch, the boys had quiet time. Rabbit worked on her math page while I folded the laundry. She did great on all her facts, and then there were some problems that she hadn't seen in a while that she needed a hint on, so I got her going with those. But she did great. Then we reviewed the right-brained multiplication fact cards for x2 again. She really likes those, but I'm not sure how much they're helping her master those multiplication facts. We did spelling, which was probably our first "attitude" problem of the day. My Father's World deviates from the Spelling Power method just a little on Mondays. We retest all words missed the previous week. She only missed 2 from last week - "which" and "self," and we got to go on to two more words in our list for this week before time was up. I noticed she was trying harder to hear each sound and write the correct sound. In fact, she spelled "every" correct during the verse dictation today, and then got it right on the retest. Hooray Rabbit! I think she may finally be starting to get the idea of how spelling works.

For some strange reason, I couldn't find our Pathways reader (it's probably under something on the school table), so I let Rabbit pick a book out of the book basket. She picked a fun one, and did quite well reading it. A quick review of our poem and we were done.

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