Friday, September 19, 2008

Week 5, Day 1 in ECC

Today we start Mexico. We began with the Pledge and Awana verse review. Rabbit pretty well knew her verses with just one hint or so each. For Bible time, we read about our country from Window on the World. Rabbit always asks if the people are our friends or enemies. I tried to explain that we weren't enemies with the people of the country, but the government.

Geography was quick. We set up chairs to make an airplane. I got to be the pilot. So we took off and landed in Juarez, as that was the closest city from here. Then I gave them their passports. I got them from a Lutheran church that has a big missions focus. They were free. Plus they have lots of information on their site. I put a sticker on the page and wrote the date. They thought that was cool. I didn't exchange money or anything, as I thought that would be over Rabbit's head. Maybe if we do this again when she is in 7th or 8th grade we will.

Science was interesting, as we read about how cold-blooded animals and warm-blooded animals cope with the heat. I don't have a room thermometer to do the experiment with, so maybe I can pick up one tomorrow and we can do the experiment.

We finished a bit early, so Spanish and snack time finished early, and the kids got a little longer recess today. Rabbit started her seatwork after that, and I read a book to the boys. It was a book I picked yesterday that wasn't on the recommended reading list called, Bravo, Tavo! It is a good book about hard work and what you can accomplish with hard work. But, toward the end, there is the mention of a widow who some people think is a witch, and the idea of magic. Really, the magic is from the hard work Tavo did all summer, but some people might be offended by it. My boys didn't really pick up on the magic part. Then we set up those cardboard bricks like dominoes a couple of times, and then we played Alphabet Lotto (an Usborn books game).

Rabbit and I did writing eights today on a new sheet of paper. This time I used a bowl, inverted, to draw the circles on the page. I had noticed that my circles were not the same size before. I think she stayed on the track a lot better this time. Next was Primary Language Lessons number 86. It is just a script to read to use proper English - "It is I,." or "It was she." So the first time through, I read the questions and Rabbit read the answers. The second time, I let Rabbit read the questions and I gave the answers. I warned her that we would be doing this lesson many times over the year.

Rabbit did another math page on x2 today. She got them all right. Then we used the Right-Brained Multiplication Flashcards, again for review as she said she still didn't know them all. For spelling, she struggled with "which" and "wish" again. I don't follow the Spelling Power steps every day - some days I try Dianne Craft's ideas. But, I think Rabbit does better with Spelling Power ideas. Reading and poetry went quick.

The frustration level was a lot lower today.

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